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Property Maintenance & Landscape Design in Nashua, New Hampshire

Salmon Brook Landscaping, Inc
. has been taking care of business properties and personal homes for over 30 years. Salmon Brook Landscaping in Nashua, New Hampshire, specializes in property maintenance and landscape design, creating the view you and your family have always dreamed of having.

Lawn, Landscape Design in Nashua, NH

Landscape, Landscape Design in Nashua, NH

Landscape, Landscape Design in Nashua, NH

Trees, Landscape Design in Nashua, NH

Property Maintenance
Our landscape company offers a complete array of services for any size property to be sure your landscaping will always have a pleasing and professional appearance and function at a high level. Take advantage of a variety of property maintenance services, including:

Spring Cleanup—Thatch and Remove All Winter Debris, Clean Shrub, Beds, Etc.
◘ Weekly Mowing With New Up-To-Date Equipment
◘ Full Irrigation Service—Installation and Maintenance
◘ Lawn Care Program—Many Plans Available From Basic to Full Organic Applications
◘ Bark Mulch Installation—With a Finn Bark Blower for a Quick, Efficient Job. No Mulch Job Too Big or Slope Too Steep
◘ Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning
◘ Fall Clean Up—Complete Leaf Clean Up and Removal From Site (Where Needed) With Giant Vac Truck Loader

Landscape Perennial Garden Design & Construction
Salmon Brook Landscaping, Inc. provides complete landscape design and construction services to commercial properties and private homes in the greater Nashua area, offering custom packages, never “cookie cutter” designs.

We design plantings and perennial gardens to complement the natural surroundings. For example: a property in a suburban neighborhood would be treated totally differently than a home in the woods on the side of a mountain.

Each would have its own different design plan focusing on the location of the home within the natural terrain. We also take into account the owner’s specific functional needs as well as aesthetics when designing a landscape plan and make any changes to accommodate the client.

All our trees and shrubs will be the proper hardiness zone for the location to be sure they all have the chance to prosper once planted. In addition, all plant material has an unconditional one-year warranty.

Each tree and shrub is carefully chosen from a local nursery to assure the healthiest and best-looking plant material will be used on your site. This is very time consuming but an important part of an effective landscape project for these plants will be part of your property for many years to come.

Contact us in Nashua, New Hampshire, to set up regular property maintenance.