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Can you help us with our difficult area?
A: Any site can be transformed!

Q: Is Salmon Brook licensed to apply lawn care products?
A: We have been licensed in New Hampshire for over twenty years and just recently licensed in the State of Vermont.

Pool, Landscape Company in Nashua, NH

Landscape, Landscape Company in Nashua, NH

Landscape, Landscape Company in Nashua, NH

Plants, Landscape Company in Nashua, NH

Q: How much rain does our lawn need?
A: Generally, in the summer a lawn needs 1" of rainfall per week. We install completely automatic lawn sprinkler systems to ensure your lawn receives what it needs, always.

Q: What type of lawn care program do you offer?
A: We tailor each program to your lawn needs, from basic fertilization to complete organic plans. A soil test usually lets us effectively determine what is right for your property.

Q: Do we have to take out our old shrubs and start over to get a new look?
A: Definitely not! We specialize in renovating existing plantings by pruning and careful removal and replacement to re-energize your landscape.

Q: When is sod a good choice?
A: There are a number of factors in the decision to apply sod or reseed: If immediate use of the area is required, sod is a good choice. On sloping areas, sod can be used to eliminate any soil erosion. When a finished appearance is desired immediately, sod is a must.

Q: What is the process in achieving a new landscape?
A: First, give us a call! Then we will come out to your home or business for an evaluation of your site. After talking with you about your property, we will develop a proposal to address all your concerns. Once our proposal is accepted, we will schedule your project as soon as our load allows. Then leave it to us, your satisfaction is always guaranteed with Salmon Brook Landscaping, Inc.

Q: I have heard people talk about IPM. What is IPM and do you offer this service?
A: IPM means Integrated Pesticide Management. Basically, this is the judicial use of pesticides as a last resort once culture and physical management practices have failed to cure the problem. Cultural and physical management means the better use of fertilizer and lawn irrigation as well as proper mowing practices. Also knowing the pests life cycle and current weather conditions can be useful in reducing the use of pesticides. For example, at times, the pest has already done its damage and moved on or current weather conditions have reduced the pest levels to a non-damaging number so an application of pesticide would not be helpful.

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